International Vs. Indian Number System, Lakh, Crore

In the international number system, the digits in a number are separated in groups of three starting from the rightmost digit in the number. In another article, we talked about place values and the suffixes that you use to read or write number in the International Number System. If you don’t remember the facts discussed in that article, please read them at the end of the article and then continue from here.  Continue reading “International Vs. Indian Number System, Lakh, Crore”

How to Write Numbers in Words

Writing numbers in words are done in different ways based on different standards in different parts of the world but there is a system which can be considered international. Here are a few rules regarding writing numbers in words:  Continue reading “How to Write Numbers in Words”

Expressing Smallest and Largest n-digit Number in Terms of Powers of 10

You know what makes a number large: it’s more number of digits and greater digits in each place value. Based on that, if you want to have the largest two-digit number for example, you’d simply take a two-digit number and fill both the place values with 9’s because the digit 9 has the highest value among all the digits in the decimal number system.  Continue reading “Expressing Smallest and Largest n-digit Number in Terms of Powers of 10”

Comparing Numbers

In comparing numbers, all you need to understand is the decimal number system itself and how it’s been constructed. When you understand that system, everything made in it including numbers, can be dealt with. We talked extensively about the decimal number system previously, so now, let’s get to some examples.  Continue reading “Comparing Numbers”

How Decimal Number System Works

The decimal number system is an elegant way of representing quantities using a system of digits and place values. When you understand how the system is put together, you’ll be able to use it in different ways.  Continue reading “How Decimal Number System Works”