JavaScript Methods

Properties in JavaScript are sets of pairs of named values inside an object.

For example,

var person {firstName: “first-name”, lastName: “last-name”, age: 36, id: 45};

Every pair of named value in the object above is a property of the object. As an example, we could mention,

firstName: “first-name”

Every property has a value. For example in this case, the value of the property is “first-name”.

A JavaScript method is a property containing function definition. For example we could add a new property to the object above as follows:

var person {firstName: “first-name”, lastName: “last-name”, age: 36, id: 45, fullName: function() {return this.firstName + ” ” + this.lastName;}};

In other words, methods are functions stored as object properties.

Now, in order to access the object method created above, you need to write a line of code something like the following:

person.fullName();    //Pay attention to the set of parentheses added to the end.

So you could say that fullName is a property of the object person and fullName() -same name having a set of parentheses- is a method of that object. This also means that the property fullName will function as a function when you add the pair of parentheses to the end.